The Revolution in Delivery has come!

Smart Delivery Track® is the advanced web application to register and monitor efficacy of deliveries in real time.

SDT Delivery System works also like a rout optimizer. It allows to deliver the biggest amount of goods in the shortest possible time. Some of the functionalities include: monitoring of vehicles due to GPS data and pushing immediate notifications on the status of each delivery. It serves as the basic working tool for the driver who stays in touch with the restaurant and the client. The system functions automatically and is not seen by delivery men as additional burden, on contrary it offers significant support.

The system monitors every registered order which is going to be delivered to the client thanks to the integration with sales software which is installed in your restaurant and mobile devices which are used by drivers. The staff can easily check the delivery status of each meal.

The application estimates the time of the driver’s arrival to the restaurant so that the next deliveries can be planned in more precise way. We also show the deviations from the estimated times and we present the sequence of deliveries. We inform you about the planned rout course and we compare it with real-life GPS data reading.

We provide you with detailed reports full of useful data. They enable you to deal effectively with clients’ complaints and introduce the system of incentives for your employees. Heat map of orders helps you to plan your marketing activities (f.e. distribution of leaflets) since it informs you on the intensity of deliveries in different districts.

What SDT offers to your business?

  1. Route and delivery time Optimalization
  2. Analysis of excessive stops
  3. Protection of personal data in order to comply with RODO requirements - no more paper prints
  4. Tool for quick settlement with couriers
  5. Settlements of drivers based on daily mileage taken from GPS indications
  6. Easy work flow for couriers due to GPS navigation and quick contact with the restaurant and the client
  7. Statistic data to introduce incentives for the employees
  8. Information for clients on the precise delivery time
  9. NFC card payment acceptance (in cooperation with Worldline)
...all these features for less than 20 Euro per one courier

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Do you deliver goods? Do you employ deliverymen?

SDT solution will optimalize Your business.

...with SDT we’ve shorten the delivery time for about 30%

…nowadays young couriers can’t drive without the navigation. SDT is great!

Fantastic tool which makes everyday work very efficient. Now I know what my employees do while being on the way to the client.

Jacek from Ełk

Magdalena from Ostrowiec Św.

Sebastian from Łódź

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Managing couriers
with Smart Delivery Track is sheer pleasure!

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